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Intuitive and emotional intelligence

Ever since I could feel, my playing field has been emotional intelligence. During the course
of my training, I discovered intuition as my favorite field.

In coaching, I provide you with my own intuition and support you in gaining access to your
intuitive intelligence. My approach is particularly effective for founders, self-employed
people, managers and management teams with personal experience.

The essence of 12 international certified coaching trainings, numerous books and studies,
and coaching sessions with national and international leaders awaits you.

I work as an international facilitator, executive and innovation coach. I started my career as a
journalist and copywriter, became a marketing manager and discovered the depth and
beauty of intuition in leadership.

Since then, it has successfully led me to become self-employed, inspires my creativity and
allows me to work with people from different industries.

My knowledge of emotional intelligence, the unconscious and intuition give you professional
security, and my experience from almost 20 years of coaching and supervision offers you
emotional embrace.


"Auf dem Weg ins Hier und Jetzt"


"Wie finden wie Intuition?"
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