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Coaching for intuitive leadership

Warm welcome. I am intuition coach Rike Bucher and offer leadership coaching for entrepreneurs. My vision is that leaders discover and use the power of intuition for themselves.
By intuition I mean the power which effortlessly helps us to become more dynamic.

Do you want to change rigid structures, motivate your team and boost innovation in your company? Are you ready to start? With my coaching and master classes you can explore your own intuition.

Deepen trust
in your intuition

With intuition you develop inner freedom and a unique leadership style.

Understanding emotions

Emotions give you orientation. They inspire you to make new decisions.

Value your Experiences

What you have experienced is your treasure chest. We are continuing to expand this potential

What is intuition?

Intuition is like an internal compass. Unlike fear, which discourages action, it enables us to take action. Together with the mind, intuition forms a dream team and ensures real and coherent decisions.

Why do we work with emotions?

Feelings are the bridge to intuition. In coaching you will experience how you can better perceive your feelings. If you understand the language of emotions, your leadership style will gain depth and credibility.

How do we use your experiences?

In coaching we awaken your inner knowledge by making you aware of it. With pictures, body sensations and your inner genius, you playfully experience what you really stand for.

Führungscoaching mit Intuitionscoach Logo
Intuition inspires you

The special thing about my leadership coaching is that after every session you will feel how you dissolve outdated beliefs and self-doubt. You become more confident and optimistic without straining yourself.

Because intuitive leadership is not about knowledge, but about ability. You develop a sense of leadership, a new lightness.

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In my coaching and master classes you will immerse yourself in the topics
Value your experiences, understanding emotions and using intuition.

For this purpose I offer founders, managers, self-employed people and management teams
have the following options:

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